Thursday, 11 June 2009

Day 3 - My New Fat Friend

Gemma was larger and appeared more awkward than me and I immediately recognised signs that told me she wasn't comfortable in her own skin. A good two stones heavier than me, she hid beneath a crinkly, over-sized t-shirt which did nothing to disguise her double-barrelled breasts. Her shiny lycra leggings strained to contain her potato shaped thighs – the woman was a complete mess. The constant tugging and rearranging of her t-shirt told me that she was embarrassed by her size.

Gemma's dark oily hair was scraped back into a stubby ponytail which, trapped by a bright pink scrunchie, she'd fashioned into a lop-sided question mark. Her chin was lost in the collars of flesh that adorned her neck; her uncared for complexion was exposed for the world to see. Make-up free and wearing her middle-aged cloak of invisibility, she pottered about the charity shop oblivious to my gaze. I could tell she felt the ghost of her younger years.

As she browsed the rack of musty size 18s, she finally became aware of me and shot a quick smile in my direction. That was how we first met; the bitch in me wanted her for my friend and looking back I realise, to my undying shame - I didn't deserve her.

Towards the end of the morning we arranged to meet up for coffee and cakes. As we sat chatting in the cafe, perched on creaking patio chairs, we decided to join forces and visit the local weight watching club together. We really did mean business, our weight had now become a serious issue for us both, but not wanting to take on too much too soon, we planned to visit the fatties club in 10 days time. In the meantime we'd meet again for coffee and cakes. I liked Gemma, but at the point of establishing this new friendship I wasn’t aware of my own loneliness; my sole purpose for befriending Gemma was to feel less fat. Sitting next to her on that first day made me feel like a goddess.

That evening, whilst removing my make-up, I noticed Hanson lurking in the corner. I was aching to get his feedback on my day. However, due to my gluttony at this afternoon's cream cake session, I was unsure how he'd respond, so I took the executive decision to punish him - and totally ignored him - he'd have to wait until tomorrow to cast his professional eye over me.

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